?How Fake is this Passport

مه 22, 2012 at 4:13 ب.ظ. بیان دیدگاه

:Below is a freeze frame of what the state TV alleges to be Jamali Fashi’s Israeli passport

:There are several things that don’t add up

The date of issue is 17/11/2003, that is nine years ago. It was said that Jamali Fashi was 24 years old when he was «executed» last week.         The passport picture however does not come across as that of a 15 year old teenage

In fact the picture is truly a give away in many ways. No passport will be issued with such a picture, anywhere in the world. You need a headshot where you are open-eyed AND looking into the camera .
This is yet another question in the whole series of doubts about what Jamali Fashi’s role, if any, in the assassination of Iranian particle physicist, Massoud Ali-Mohammadi .

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